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Further Perspectives on Personality

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Chapter 9: p346

Focus Questions

In Skinner’s operant conditioning view, what does personality consist of?

The operant conditioning approach of B.F. Skinner rejects the idea of personality in favor of positive and negative reinforcement and punishment as predictors of behavior. Skinner viewed reinforcement history as a better way of looking at what others call personality.

In Bandura’s social cognitive view, what factors influence personality and behavior?

Along with observational learning, social learning theories now stress reciprocal interaction, a concept developed by Arthur Bandura.

Bandura’s social cognitive theory of human agency stresses the role we ourselves play in our development and successful functioning in the world around us. Central to his conceptualization of human agency are self-efficacy and perceived self-efficacy.

In the view of evolutionary psychologist, how has natural selection influenced human personality?

Evolutionary psychology looks at commonalities in people across cultures and views personality characteristics that humans share as adaptations to problems with survival or reproduction in our distant past.

Two proposals by evolutionary psychologist such as Buss are as follows:

  1. Females are attracted to particular males more because of the males resources;
    Males are attracted to particular female more because of the females fertility.
  2. Males are more inclined to become jealous over their partners sexual infidelity;
    Females are more inclined to become jealous over their partner’s emotional infidelity.





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