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What you need to know for Prof. Tharney’s PSY101 Unit 2 test

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Need to know something about the People who were important as an influence on Freud in the developing the kind of ideas that he did.

Charcot: Freud went to Paris, and work there at a time when this new field called physcratry was developing one of the founding fathers was Charcot.

Jozef Breuer: the guy who help him develop the techniques of psychoanalysis the processes of thearapy.

Freudian Slippage: need to know who people are.

Who are these people? Spoke about Freud what did they say about Freud psychoanalytic theory?

Frank Solloway

Thomas Zaas

Peter Gay

Psychoanalytic theory
Need to Know

Topography of the mind

  • Conscious,
  • Preconscious,
  • Unconscious


What’s in each of those levels how does it get there, how does it move to from one to another?

How does this model of the model work?

Intrapsychic systems (personality)

  • Id
  • Ego
  • Superego


Know which one is biological?

Which one is the social and moral?

Which one is the intellectual component?

What is the principle by which they operate?

What are the functions they each of them carry out in the normal working of our personality?


(Diagram) and you need to know which one is:

Which one is mostly conscious?

Which one is mostly unconscious?

Need to know about the motivational elements

Know Freud’s deprivation theory of motivation and that he borrowed that from biology.

And the 2nd thing is Freud’s theory of “Instincts”, if he used the word instinct is a misnomer, he didn’t use the word instinct.

Inborn physiological needs, know something about Eros and Thanatos, a least have a general idea of what libido is. its In the Handout: “Overview of Psychoanalytic Theory”


The Developmental Aspects of Freud’s theory
(The psychosexual stages of development)

  • Need to know what those five stages are and the correct sequences in which they are suppose to occur and approx, when
  • Which are the ones have biological basis
  • Which are the two that have a psychological basis?
  • The ones that have a biological basis are broken into two phases know something about those phase and what’s suppose to happen in terms of shaping our personality there its all spell out in the handout. And the chapter.


Know what fixation and regression are as it pertains to those stages.


Freud’s theory of Anxiety the 3 types: moral, reality and moral anxiety.

Each of them deals with or addresses a particular type of conflict that we might experience

Moral Anxiety: conflict between the superego and the ego.

Reality Anxiety: or fear that’s experience within the ego in relationship to something outside of us.

Neurotic Anxiety: the one that Freud dealt with day in and day out with his patients, conflict between the id and the ego.

The causes for fixation, and the mild, moderate and severe regression, we talked about that regressing back to earlier stages.


Know Ego defense Mechanisms


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May 28, 2008 at 8:06 am

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