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15 – PSY101 – Motivational Elements, Freud’s Deprivation Theory

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Development of the Libido

Freud termed the psychic (instinctual) energy needs associated with various regions of the body (erogenous zones), the Libido. The libido represents a combination of the major life (Eros) instincts which become invested in specific objects in the environment (object Cathexis). A particular type of libidinal gratification may come to assume a prominent role in an individuals life. If the development of the child is normal and healthy, then the developing libido progresses in an orderly, predictable sequence, and investments and attachments undergo predictable changes. Initially, libidinal energy is centered on autocratic pleasure seeking, including stimulation of the mouth, followed by anal pleasures, and subsequently followed by autoerotic stimulation of the genital region.

Gradually the libido then becomes invested in preferred objects and other people. With further development, the libido becomes invested in forming attachments to playmates, then friends of the same sex, that a best friend or pal. With the maturation of the developing personality, the libido later becomes invested in heterosexual attraction, and the expression of the desire for love and intimacy with a person of the opposite sex. The fully mature individual possesses all of the previously mentioned libidinal investments and attachments, but in a well balanced manner. If fixation occurs, however, it may cause the libidinal energy to become inordinately focused (fixated) on one of the developmental levels. Upon arrival at heterosexual maturity, one might be expected to be in love with their spouse, enjoy at night out with friends, enjoy constructive pastimes, recreation, enjoy productive work, and maintain a degree of self-love which enables them to enjoy their own thoughts, emotions, activities and their own company.

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August 17, 2008 at 9:41 am

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